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Independent Funeral Directors of Florida


My experiences with Capital Data Studio have for many years ranked a 5-Star standard.  Their products and services exceeded our expectations and were well within our budget estimates, for the many organizations and associations they have served.  Highly recommend this firm as an outstanding service provider.

Ken Franklin

Member Services, IFDF

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Independent Funeral Directors of Florida

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The Association of Independent Funeral Directors of Florida promotes, enhances and perpetuates independently owned and operated funeral homes in the state of Florida. It is a great resource for its members and consumers alike.

What Capital Data Studio Did

Independent Funeral Directors of Florida (IFDF) had a website that was in dire need of updating. As well, their previous website was difficult to navigate making it hard for members to find what they were looking for.

Capital Data Studio worked to embed a new, modern design into a custom WordPress installation that had many useful database elements such as:

  • Map/Locator page with a database of Funeral Homes in Florida.
  • Calendars
  • File Database (for Newsletters, etc.)
  • Links Management

Technology Used

  • WordPress as CMS.
  • Custom plugins written in PHP/Jquery.
  • Funeral Homes database with mapping.
  • Responsive Design.

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