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H2Engineering is a well known name in Tallahassee for being a full service MEP design and consulting firm that is committed to the needs of their clients. Their in-depth knowledge of innovative solutions and superior service makes H2Engineering the first choice for engineering services.

What Capital Data Studio Did

H2Engineering needed a great looking a website but also needed a way to showcase their services and portfolio. Capital Data Studio developed a WordPress site that organized their portfolio in various galleries that can easily be updated within their dashboard. When viewing a project, similar projects are displayed in the sidebar. As well, their Services page works in a similar way for easy updating.

Technology Used

  • WordPress as CMS.
  • Portfolio gallery with category and sub-categories.
  • Image organization with thumbnails and slider.
  • Career section and Staff Sections.
  • Custom plugins written in PHP/Jquery.
  • Services portfolio

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