Custom Database Software

We Can Create Online or Desktop Software To Your Specifications

Are You A Small to Medium Sized Business That:

  • Uses in-house spreadsheets to run and analyze day to day operations, calculations or inventory?
  • Uses a large amount of pre-filled forms and prerequisites?
  • Does not consistently track and utilize customer data or does not have a uniform prospect management policy across your sales team?
  • Trying to adapt an “off-the-shelf” product to your niche industry?

Organization Is More Than Just About Effiency!

Whether you know it or not, your business is filled with information that can be analyzed and exploited by a centrally managed database. We can adapt a system that can:

  • Track prospects, customers, calendars, inventory or any other form of data.
  • Create data-entry forms that perform custom calculations and reports that analyze those numbers.
  • Provide rights and usage levels so your employees are only seeing the data that applies to them

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We understand you may have a lot of questions before starting your project.  You may not even know the right questions to ask.  No worries, we know exactly what to ask to make sure we know what you are trying to achieve in your project.