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On Site Therapy

On Site Therapy

Exceptional web design service & delivery provided by a talented team of professionals who were continually focused on our business goals. We would, and will, highly recommend Capital Data Studio to any business looking to establish or improve their identity on the web.

Robert Lisson

Co-Founder, On Site Therapy

On Site Therapy

Visit: https://onsitetherapy.com


On Site Therapy, LLC provides an innovative approach to enhancing human performance at Work. . The genesis of Ergonomics & Fatigue Management Solutions is founded on years of clinical experience within the fields of lymphatic therapy and work analysis. Their marquee products are comprised of occupational daily wear compression products.

What Capital Data Studio Did

Built from the ground up, Capital Data Studio assisted On Site Therapy in composing the initial content for the site. Then, we designed the website over the WordPress CMS. Lastly, we added e-commerce functionality and integrated it with their merchant account for seamless payment. As well, we installed an SSL certificate for maximum security.

Technology Used

  • WordPress as CMS.
  • Custom plugins written in PHP/Jquery.
  • E-Commerce functionality.
  • Copy writing services.

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